Chris Luebkeman

Strategic Foresight Speaker Moderator Board Member

Chris Luebkeman provides the
mindset to build bridges into the future.

Chris Luebkeman
provides the mindset to
build bridges into the future.

Luebkeman provides the mindset to build bridges into the future.


Chris Luebkeman is a seasoned host, facilitator, and moderator of events, panels, conversations, dinners and workshops.  He can handle just about any subject: ranging from artificial intelligence to innovation to smart cities to sustainability. He builds bridges between disciplines, cultures, and industries. His friendly, interactive, and stimulating style works proficiently both in digital and physical spaces. Learn more


Educated as a geologist, structural engineer, and architect, Chris Luebkeman has spent over thirty years traveling the globe sharing his observations, inspiration and insights on foresight, corporate intrapreneurship, innovation, and drivers of change. He has spoken at TED, hosted conversations at, and for, WEF and keynoted hundreds of conferences around the world. He is a native English speaker and fluent in German and Swiss German. Learn more


Chris Luebkeman is passionate about encouraging critical and constructive thinking about the evolution of new normals in the context of our constantly changing world.  He is experienced at utilizing a wide variety of tools to help those he works with understand the opportunities and risks created by our collective future. He is currently the leader of the Strategic Foresight Hub in the Office of the President at ETH Zurich.  Learn more

Chris Luebkeman has been working since more than three decades with clients on the topics of tomorrow.

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Lectures at Ivy League Universities
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Chris Luebkeman

The future is a story we write together

I am insanely curious contextualist. I love to understand not just the what, but the why, how, when and who of just about anything and everything around us today. This makes building the bridges to tomorrow by understanding the current and emerging drivers of change a real joy. The future scenarios we see are not always those we want. Recognizing this discrepancy and their implications is hard work. The world is in a time of profound change. I joined ETH Zurich in 2020 to work with the President, the Executive Board, and the ETH community to help it understand this change and to help chart a path within it so that it remains both relevant to Switzerland and the highest ranked technical University in Europe. I wanted to give back to the amazing institution which changed my life after spending 20 years travelling the corporate world. It is exciting to be able to continue to learn every day from brilliant and passionate people.