Chris Luebkeman

Strategic Foresight Speaker Moderator Board Member

Chris Luebkeman provides the
mindset to build bridges into the future.

Chris Luebkeman
provides the mindset to
build bridges into the future.

Luebkeman provides the mindset to build bridges into the future.


He is the leader of the Strategic Foresight Hub in the Office of the President at ETH Zurich. For his clients he develops future scenarios that help better understand the opportunities created by future change in the built environment. He is passionate about encouraging companies to constructively think about what the new normal will be in the context of constant change. Learn more


Educated as a geologist, structural engineer, and architect, he has spent over twenty years travelling the globe sharing his observations and insights on foresight, innovation and drivers of change. He has spoken at TED, hosted conversations at, and for, WEF and keynoted hundreds of conferences around the world. He is a native English speaker and fluent in German and Swiss German. Learn more


Chris Luebkeman is a seasoned place host and moderator who has hosted panels, political conversations, gala dinners and facilitated workshops that zoom in on the question of what our world will be like in five, ten or twenty years’ time. From smart cities and artificial intelligence to innovation and sustainability, he builds bridges between disciplines, cultures and industries. He moderates as proficiently online as he does offline. Learn more

Chris Luebkeman has been working since more than three decades with clients on the topics of tomorrow.

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Chris Luebkeman

The future is a story we write together

I joined ETH Zurich in 2020 to work with the President, Executive Board and Univeristy to help ensure that my alma matter is future fit. It is an amazing Institution which serves the nation of Switzerland and intellectually leads globally in many domains. It is exciting to be able to continue to learn every day from brilliantly passionate people. I joined Arup from MIT in 1999 to co-lead the Research + Development group. It was a collection of 50 of the smartest individuals in the company; often described by other members of the firm as people with brains the size of Jupiter. A corporate restructuring resulted in me being left with the four amazingly passionate individuals I had hired who cared deeply about our common future. We founded the Foresight, Innovation and Incubation team to help the firm look forward to understand what what coming and what we needed to do to be prepared.