Chris Luebkeman is an inspirational
and thought provoking speaker

Pausing in inspiration:
Chris is a thought provoking speaker

Pausing in inspiration: Chris is a thought provoking speaker


Chris helps organizations rethink the context of their future.  There are many methods/tools to help identify what are the critical factors for future success. Chris is not wedded to any single one – he always looks at what is necessary in order to achieve what his clients need…not necessarily what they desire.

Drivers of Change

Change is Constant. Chris helps his clients examine not just the drivers they know, but to discover the ones they need to know. He works with scenarios, draw connections between megatrends, drivers, weak signals, their impacts and unintended consequences while helping them write their own future stories. 

Emerging Contexts

Understanding the context into which we are moving is one of the most challenging tasks we have. We can, and do, exist in multiple and often opposing states simultaneously. Chris helps his clients understand these states and how they could.  



Chris gives actionable insights into how organizations can catalyze innovation capabilities and cultivate a climate of innovation. In the past he built innovation programs for clients ranging from academia to multi-national corporates. 


The principles of sustainability are well known. Galvanizing the actions required to regenerate our cities, communities and ecosystems are not. Chris shares his experience in the academic and corporate worlds as well as the founder of a movement, [y]our2040, focused on changing this. 

Chris Luebkeman in Action: Choosing to matter

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